Basic Rules

Abilities and skills come up in ranks from 0 upwards and determine how good your character is at something. For normal mortals 10 would be the maximum rank to achieve. Everything above that would be considered superhuman.
Note that for skills the baseskill + specialisation(see below) is what matters
The rank meanings are as follows:

11Raw beginer
46-7Above average
610-11Very good
814-15Reknown master
916-17Grand master

A character possesses following




Fake Quality
Professions (pick one)

Including the skill like values:
Special qualities

Additional Values

Health Points(HP) and Stun Points (SP)

A character has 10 times more health points than he has Constitution points and the same amount of stun points. (Special qualities and magic can alter this value)
This values might differ in the course of the adventures, but eventually they heal back to this amount.


A character has a varying amount of luck. During the game one can spent points of luck for various things
After completing one complete adventure the character gets one new point of luck.
the character also gets a luck point each time he suffered bad luck (failing a willpower roll to resist mind control, got beaten in combat, a vulnerability comes into play...) If luck ever gets into negative numbers, the amount it is negative gets substracted from all die rolls the character makes, or that are made to help the character.
Luck can be used for the following.
  • instead of rolling a dice. This has the same effect as rolling a 12.
  • to have some item with him that he could possibly own (a lighter) or to say he bought a item previously, which allows him to trade in cash for a item when he needs it.
  • To get help. (Depending on the situation, this could be all of a NPC superhero bursting in, or just allowing another player that wasn't in the same place to come rushing to help)
  • To temporarily boost a skill up by 2 points. The skill boost lasts for 1 minute. You can even boost up Special Quality with this, to get temporarily more power.

  • Character creation:

    To build your character you have a specific number of points to split into your attributes and for your skills. Normally you trade those build points 1:1 into rank points. The only exception is acquiring specialisation skills. You get the same amount ranks in a specialisation that you have in the main skill for the expenditure of just one point.(you can't raise a single specialisation to more than your base skill)
    Those numbers depends on the type of character your making.
    You also get an amount of starting luck and some money. You can use that money to buy some equipment before the first adventure starts.
    Charactertype Attribute points Skill points Luck Starting cash in dollar
    Commoner 12 3 1 75
    Expert 12 6 2 300
    Hero 16 6 10 1,500
    Experienced Hero 20 9 15 7,500
    Veteran 20 12 20 30,000
    Champion 24 18 50 300,000
    Legendary Hero 28 24 50 750,000
    Super Human 32 30 50 1,500,000
    Experienced Super Human 36 36 50 3,750,000
    God like 40 42 50 7,500,000

    Doing actions:

    For use of your skills, you roll a 2D6 and add your skill rank.
    Everything under 10 is a failure. If you get a 10 you barely succeded and everything higher gets better end results.
    (To succeed at an attack, you need to beat the defense score)
    Certain situations might modify your results.

    The rolls might be modified acording to following table:
    Task difficulty Target Roll
    Very easy5
    Very difficult15

    Combined effort

    On occasion several people will want to work on the same thing. If it's possible to assist in the task at hand, all assistants make a skillcheck.
    Each assistant rolls a 2D6 and then adds the checkresult/2 points to the skillcheck.
    Artificial life without independant thought is assumed to roll a 7 (only for assisting purposes).
    To determine the final skill result the highest basic skill gets picked, then the bonus from the assist rolls get added to it. Up to the point it's twice the original skill.
    Then the final roll gets made with that new base.


    The great magician Mordegas wants to cast a forcefield that would protect his tower. The forcefield should be able to withstand 25 points of damage.
    He has a willpower of 5 and wants the spell to last for 8 month.
    So the difficulty of that spell would be a 32. That's a bit high even for him, so he asks a former student to help.
    Mordegas has a skill in magic of 10, so has his wand. The student has a skill of 6.
    Since Mordegas has the highest skill we use his skill as the base.
    The staff is assumed to roll a 7 so it adds 17/2 or 8.5 points to the base skill increasing it to 18.5.
    The student rolls another 7. So adding 6.5 points ( (6 base +roll of 7 is 13. Divided by 2 results in 6.5). This would bring the total up to 25. But since Mordegas only has a skillrank of 10 the final skill to use is 20.
    That means Mordegas would now need to roll a 12 to succeed in his task. So he uses one of his luck points to ensure his success.

    Specialisation skills

    Specialisation skills work basicly like normal skills, but the rank gets added to the mainskill for the task in question. And since you start at rank 1 it's cheaper than raising the mainskill, until you reach the same rank
    Example skills might be Lockpicking or pick pockets for Crime.
    For Fighting the specialisation would be with some kind of weapon (or unarmed)
    For magic its would be one of the spell seeds or blood magic.
    You can't specialise in skill like values (like special qualities or resources)

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