Basicly magic is handled like any other skill. You add your roll to your skill and need to reach some Target.
To calculate the actual target roll for a specific effect you need to locate the proper spell seed or seeds to get the base target Roll. Then go down the list of further modifiers. If your spell is based on more than one spellseed,add the value for the first spell seed, then add to that the amount the other spell seeds are above 10. If you would succeed at a Target Roll of 10, but not at the actual targetroll you need to look at the tables for failures.
For more information about the spellseeds refer to the Spellseed page.
If you can't be bothered calculating your own spells, just take a look at the examples

Blood magic

There might be some situations where you need to do a spell that would be impossible with your skill, even when you use a luck point to get the highest roll and have all the assistance you could get.
In those situations you could resort to what is called blood magic.
With blood magic you can boost your skill by the square root of lifepoints sacrificed (through ritual wounding).
For a succesfull sacrifice, you need a success in a magic roll (you can specialise in blood magic).
But if your not using your own life energy the roll gets done with a modifier of -5 if the blood donor is willing or helpless, or at -10 when done during a fight.
The life-energy that gets sacrificed, can't be healed as long as the spell lasts.
A few things modify the amount of life-points before the square root gets taken:

  • If the sacrifice dies the amount of points get doubled.
  • If the donor is a virgin the points get doubled.
  • if the donor is not sentient(i.e. an animal) the points get divided by 10

    Ritual magic

    Of course blood magic isn't to everyones taste, and to get the bigger bonuses it can become quite messy.
    So as an extra measure you can get a bonus to your skill by using more time.
    For casting times of several years it is assumed that 8 hours a day get used for the ritual in question. (if the ritual takes more than a lifetime the worst skill of a ritual leader gets used as a base. All extra assistance gets added to that value before dice gets rolled)
    Time used SkillBonus
    1 minute +1
    5 minutes +2
    30 minutes +3
    3 hours +4
    1 day +5
    5 days +6
    1 month +7
    6 months +8
    1 year +9
    5 years +10
    25 years +11
    each additional 25 years +1 each

    Tables for magic difficulty

    Add the modifier of following tables together and then subtract the resulting difficulty from the magic skill.
    Target Roll Seed
    10 Illusion
    11 Analyze Magic
    Force fields
    Real invisibility
    Storing of Magic
    12 Air
    Break Spell
    Deflect Magic
    13 Change matter
    14 Create matter
    Destroy matter

    Quality of magic(Number of charges/Spell Modifier effected)

    bad(0) average(1) good(2) great(3) perfect(4) each charge improvement by one
    -1 0 +1 +2 +3 each +1

    Distance (Not for calling or summoning)

    Touch <15 feet <60 feet <150 feet each doubling of distance No sight
    -1 0 +1 +2 each +1 +1 to distance modification


    Seconds (1 combat round) <1 Minute <10 Minutes <1 hour <1 Day each tripling of duration
    -1 0 +1 +2 +3 each +1
    Spells that do instant effects, do those effect each combat round when they have a duration.


    1 Target <15 feet radius <30 feet radius <100 feet radius each doubling of the radius
    0 +2 +3 +4 each + 2

    Abilityscores (Strength for levitation, or change of existing Abilityscores...)

    0 1 2 3 each additional +1
    0 +1 +2 +3 each + 1

    Amount of Change/Precision of planeshifting/Loudness/Clearness of Sound...

    Nearly nothing
    Same world
    whispering(<20 dB)
    within 10,000 miles
    human speech(<50 dB)
    Animal sounds
    within 1,000 miles
    shouting(< 75 dB)
    within 100 miles
    <100 dB
    specific voice
    within 10 miles
    <150 dB
    within 1 mile
    <200 dB
    perfect music
    each halfing of off distance
    each additional 50 dB
    -1 0 +1 +2 +3 +4 each +1

    Damage dealt by direct effects/stopped by forcefields

    1 Point Willpower points 2* Willpower points 3*Willpower points each increase of multiplier by one
    0 +2 +4 +6 each +2

    Change of Weight

    < 1 ounce < 2 pound < 20 pounds < 100 pounds < 200 pounds each aditional 1000 pounds
    0 +1 +2 +3 +4 each +1

    Special qualities

    5 Points 10 20 40 each additional 20 points
    +1 +2 +4 +8 each +4
    Note that this is total points of Qualities, not ranks in the Skill like value of the same name. Also you do not get point breaks for drawbacks(or point breaks for limitations). On the contrary you have to pay for those just like you have for beneficial things. Exception to that rule is shapechanging into a specific being. In that case you have to copy the exact special qualities of the target and the amount of quality points is considered to be 20 times the special quality rank of the being in question.

    Spellseed page.
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