The skill to use for playing instruments, singing, dancing, juggling and other skills that are mainly to entertain people. Depending on what you try to do different modifieres apply. (Child songs are very easy, breaking glass with a high note is difficult)
You can try to earn money with your abilities. The amount you can get depends on your surroundings and the difficulty of what you attempt.
Task difficulty Maximum earning per day/night
Very easy2D6 times 10 cent
easy2D6 dollar
Average2D6 times 2 dollar
Difficult2D6 times 5 dollar
Very difficult2d6 times 10 dollar
Legendary2D6 times 100 dollar
If you fail the skill roll for your performance level you can be sure to be the laughing stock for the evening. (best case) If you are famous and have advertised accordingly the income can be up to 10,000 times higher (in case you are a real world star).