Injury and Recovery

Effects of injury

The rules mention various things that can reduce your health and stun points.
This chapter describes what that actually means.

If your stun points fall to 0 or less your character is unconsious.
As long as it is aboe 0 it has no ill effects at all.
Your health score is always the maximum value for all your abilities and skills. (But not skill like abilities)
This of course means that any serious health damage will reduce your abilities to do anything.

If your health score falls to 0 your stunscore will be 0 too, so you drop unconscius.
Also since healing is based on your constitution score and your effective constitution will now be 0, you won't heal natural.

If your health score falls into the negative all abilities will be negative. Regeneration stops working. (As it now would actually increase the speed you lose healthpoints)
Once you health falls to -10 times your unmodifies constitution score you are dead. (For example if you normally have Constitution 3 you would have 30 healthpoints. If you lose 60 or more healthpoints and so have a new score of -30 or less your character would be dead)


A character naturally recovers as many healthpoints as his current constitution score per day. And the same amount of Stun points per minute.
Regeneration can accelerate this recovery (see Special quality) for more info about regeneration

If some character uses magic or a special quality to boost up the healing of a different person, the higher constitution score of those involved gets used.

If no supernatural means are available the healing process can be aided by a Profession(medic) check for each point the Target of 10 was beaten by it enhances the effective constitution score for healing purposes by 1.
For each day only the highest roll counts.