Fake Quality

The fake quality skill allows to simulate the effects of a special quality for a short time.
You can attempt to simulate any special quality, the target roll is 10 plius the point cost of the ability. (Note points in the quality not ranks of special quality)
That means if you want for example to run over water your roll Target Roll is 20 points. (Which means even if you use a luck point you need a skill of 8 to succeed)
For each round after the first you try to continue faking the ability the target roll increases by 1.
To make matters even worse, you need some sort of explanation how you are going to fake the ability.
In the case of walking over water, special shoes that should stay afloat might do the trick.
A speedster might just claim that he moves so fast he has no time to sink.
If your explanation involves other special qualities, you get a bonus of 10% of the point worth of those qualities. (If the qualities have limitations, it's the cost they would have without those limitations)
If the explanation uses some other skill you get a bonus of half the skills value. (i.e A stage magician might use his entertainment skill, this would include his specialisation in stage magic)

ExampleThe former mentioned speedster has 5 levels of enhanced movement and one level of increased timerate. Those powers have a cost of 100 points, so he gets a +10 bonus on his attempt to walk over water. Lets say he has a a skill of fake quality and a specialisation in over water walking of 3 each.
If he can get across the water in 6 seconds, all he needs is one roll of a 4 to do so (3 of his skill+3 from the specialisation + the rolled 4 reaches the target of 10)
With each round he tries to keep running over water it becomes increasingly more difficult after 8 rounds he would need to roll a 12, and he can't do it for 9 rounds in a row at all.

For another example, imagine a fire superhero with the sole ability to attack with a flame jet. He has a supernatural attack of level 8 and wants to simulate flying.
He reasons that he can fire at the ground and fly like a rocket.
Flying has a pointcost of 20, but his attackpower costs 160 points, so he can reduce the target roll to 14 for the first round.
So with some luck (either rolling or use of a luck point) he manages to fly for a short time. But the way he does it will cause lots of damage on the ground.

You can specialise in faking a specific power.