The basic principle for fighting is simple. The attacker rolls a 2D6 and adds his Fighting skill.
If the result is below 10 it's an automatic miss. If it is 10 or more it gets compared to the defense score of the target.
The standard defense score is twice the dexterity of the target or 10. (Whatever is higher)
The target can use one of his actions to add his fighting score to his defense.
If the attack gets through it delivers it's basedamage + (the difference between the attack roll and the defense score)*Ability for that attack
Now the value get modified by any reduced damage modifier and damage resistance the target might have (Either natural or through worn armor)
If the attack was of the bash type, the target reduces the damage value by it's strength value. Whatever is left gets applied as stun damage. 1/10th of the dealt stun damage get applied as health damage.

If the attack was of the slash type the full value gets dealt as stun damage and 1/5th of it as Health damage.

A attack of the other subtype deals full value to stun and 1/10 to health. The base ability for melee weapons is Strength, for ranged weapons Dexterity and for magic Willpower. Any weapon of type slash can't get parried by an unarmed opponent.(so he can't add his fighting skill to his defense score)
Weapons are either of type slash, bash or other.
The equipment below is a mix of different campaign styles, not all of those items will be available in all games. Under normal circumstances a character can do one action per round.
A character gets an additional action for each full 4 points of dexterity. (Special qualities might give you further actions)

if a weapon gets thrown the damage gets calculated, as if the strength would be one point lower.
For projectile weapons in melee refer to improvised weapons, as that isn't proper use.


Assume 2 fighters each with all ability scores at 3 and a fighting skill of 3.
The first fighter attacks and rolls a 6. This is a final result of 9 and so a miss.
The other fighter isn't willing to risk anything and so uses a luck point to get an automatic roll of 12.
This is a final result of 15. The defense score of those fighters is the minimum of 10, so it is a hit.
A punch does 2 times strength as basedamage (or 6 points). As his attack beats the defense score by 5 points he adds another 5 times strength to his punch for a total of 36 points.
The defender is not wearing armor, but as it is a bash attack his muscles reduce the attack by 3 points (his strength score)
The final result is 33 point of stun damage. A constitution of 3 only grants 30 stun points, so the defender is knocked unconscious.
Also he loses 3 health points (so he has 27 of those left)
See also Injury and recovery

Mundane Armor

Armor Type Armor Value
Leather clothes 2
Leather armor 3
Studded leather armor 5
Chain Mail 8
Plate Armor 12
Kevlar Armor 20 against Bullets/10 against all other attacks
For all melee weapons you can substitute your movement speed divided by 10 mph for your strength score.
(This normally only matters for real fast characters)


Name Base damage Type Notes
Unarmed 2*Strength Bash if an unarmed attack gets parried by a slash weapon you take base damage for that weapon type with the defenders strength
Battle Axe 5*Strength Slash  
Two handed battle axe 6*(Strength+1) Slash  
Heavy battleaxe 8*(Strength+1) Slash Minimum Strength of 5 required
Knife 2*Strength Slash  
Short Sword 3*Strength Slash  
Sword 4*Strength Slash  
Bastardsword 5*(Strength+1) Slash if used with one hand the multiplier decreases to 4
Two handed sword 6*(Strength+1) Slash  
Bow 4*Strength Slash A normal bow only gives bonus up to Strength 5. A bow that makes use of greater Strength is possible, but can't be used by weaker persons.
Crossbow 20 Slash  
Quarterstaff 3*(Strength+2) Bash  
Flail 4*Strength Slash No parries with this weapon
Heavy flail 7*(Strength+1) Slash Minimum Strength of 5 required/ No parries with this weapon
Scythe 5*(Strength+1) Slash All attempts to parry at -2(for user of the scythe AND opponent)
Halberd 6*(Strength+1) Slash  
Club 4*Strength Bash  
Heavy Club 7*(Strength+2) Bash Minimum Strenght of 5 required
Warhammer 5*(Strength+1) Bash  
Heavy Warhammer 10*Strength Bash Minimum Strength of 5 required
Shield 2*Strength Bash Gives +2 to parries
Sling 2*Strength Bash Effective Strength because of speed counts for this just like for a melee weapon.
Light pistol (.22) 10 Slash  
Pistol (.45) 20 Slash  
Shotgun (12ga) 30 Slash  
Assault rifle/LMG (5.56mm NATO) 50 Slash  
Machine gun (.50) 100 Slash  
Storm Cannon (20mm) 150 Slash  
Anti Vehicle missile 250 Slash and fire Full effect within 10'.Damage dealt is divided by 2 for every 10' increment.
Fragmentation grenade 50 Slash Full effect within 10'.Damage dealt is divided by 2 for every 10' increment.

Improvised Weapons

The maximum weight of an improvised weapon is one half of the weight a character can lift and it does ( Minimum strength to be used)*strength damage in melee.
If thrown it does (Minimum strength to be used)*(strength-1) damage.
For example:A giant with strength 11 throws a 150 pound human at an enemy. The minimum strength to do so would be 8. the strength of 11 -1 for thrown is 10.
So the human would do 8*(11-1)=80 points of damage. (modified for success ratings)

A few sample improvised weapons

Name Base damage melee Type Weight
Manhole cover 7*Strength Bash 100 lbs
lamp post 8*Strength Bash 150lbs
Compact car 14 *Strength Bash 2000lbs
Big car 16*Strength Bash 4000 lbs
SUV 17 *Strength Bash 6500 lbs
Light truck 19 *Strength Bash 13,000 lbs
Medium truck 21* Strength Bash 33,000 lbs
Heavy truck 24 * Strength Bash 100,000 lbs

Special modificators

Circumstance Modificator
Attacking from behind +2
Two weapon fighting Attacks made with two weapons can only be parried with a single weapon if the defender uses 2 actions.
Disarm Fighting -2, does no damage but if succesfull, removes one weapon from the opponents hand.
Targetting a specific limb -5 to atack. If health damage is twice the targets constitution attribute, the limb gets severed or destroyed, depending on the weapon used (The head is considered a limb. Severing of the head tends to be deadly for most creatures)