Within the game the main use for science is probably the inventing of new devices. But it can also be used to analyze and maintain those things. The later uses get half the skill modifier that would be used for inventing the thing.
Possible specialisations are electromagnetic, mechaninic, chemistry, bioengineering, etc.
Inventing a device needs a succesful skill roll with a modifier set by the difficulty of the invention. It also needs a laboratory with a specific base value and of course it helps to have the materials to build the device in question.
To calculate the modifier look at the table for special qualities and add together all positive attributes of the device.
The target roll is either te Special Quality rank for all positive qualities or the XP needed to gain the rank for all qualities including the drawbacks and considering all limitations plus 10.

So for all more complicated items you would now add disadvantages to get it down to that value. (Most common is a dependency to some sort of fuel)
A normal time period for the making of an invention would be one month. For a increase of the Target roll this time can be halved.
The minimum worth of laboratory equipment would be the cube of the Target Roll times 150 dollars.
If an inventing roll fails by 2 or more points the results depend on the Target roll aimed for. See the failure tables below.

For the dependency option there is the posibility to require it to be added constantly over the time period in question. If done so the amount during the time period in question would be either 50 Megajoule of energy or 5 tons of matter consumption for active powers.


A scientist with a skill of 5 in science and a specialisation in electricity of 4 wants to create a device to create light.
Creating light would be a spell like ability, for a pretty easy spell, so a level of 1 should be enough.
This sets the target roll at 11 so it is an automatic success for someone with his skill
to offset the cost he adds in a dependency for electricity at Level 1 that would cause the loss of the power.
With constant adding of electricity the amount of 50 Megajoule comes down to an energy consumption of 19.25 Watt. As he only used half a SQ rank, he can limit the dependency to half that.
Coming to a final energy consumption of 10 Watt. Not too unusual for a light bulp. This reduces the target roll to 10, now he can increase the target roll to reduce the time to invent the item. So even if he wants no risk he can do it in two weeks.
(Note if he hadn't chosen to put in a dependency for electricity, the itemwould still have needed electricity, only much less, so it wouldn't have been worth any points)

Failure results

The results are only happening if equipment of proper value was at hand. If not there is just no effect.
The failure table is not suitable for a realistic campaign, but for comic reality, if a bit more realism is needed I suggest rerolling untill acceptable result comes up or to create new tables.

Target Roll of 10

1 failure causes a bad smell to linger in the laboratory for a while
2 small explosion stuns scientists for a few seconds
3 experiment produces just some noise and flashy lights
4 Scientist shrinks 1D20 % for 1d6 hours
5 the first person the scientist touches shrinks 1D20 % for 1D6 hours
6 Scientist grows 1D20% for 1D6 hours

Target Roll of 11

1 Invention produces weak and useless shadow of intended effect
2 Invention produces reverse of intended effect
3 Invention produces reverse of intended effect on the wrong target (a failed vehicle might stop other objects for example)
4 Scientist shrinks 1D100% for 1D20 hours
5 Cloud escapes that will shrink the first person it encounters by 1D100 % for 1D20 hours
6 Scientist grows 1D100% for 1D20 hours

Target Roll of 12

1 Invention will seem to work in every test, until tried out for real
2 Experiment ignites. 1D6*10 gold worth of equipment get destroyed in the fire
3 Invintion explodes more or less harmlessly, but everything in the laboratory is now painted in one color. (including all persons in the lab)
4 Scientist shrinks 1D100% for 1D6 days
5 Cloud escapes that will shrink the first person it encounters by 1D100 % for 1D6 days
6 Scientist grows 1D100% for 1D6 days

Target Roll of 13

1 small explosion causes some pain in one hand of the scientist. (without any actual injury)
2 inhaled gases cause flatulence for 1D6 days
3 Hairs stand upright and glow for 1D6 hours
4 Scientist shrinks 10% (permanent)
5 Cloud escapes that will shrink the first person it encounters by 10% (permanent)
6 Scientist grows 10% (permanent)

Target Roll of 14

1 Invention works, but each use takes 5 minutes of warm up time. (Once warm up time is activated it can't be stopped before it starts to work)
2 Explosion in the lab causes Scientist to get new special qualities. (At least 2 points worth, with drawbacks to counter the pointcost of the gains)
3 Experiment ignites and destroys 1D20 times 10 gold of equipment.
4 Scientist shrinks 1D20 % (permanent)
5 Cloud escapes that will shrink the first person it encounters by 1D20% (permanent)
6 Scientist grows 1D20% (permanent)

Target Roll of 15

1 Explosion causes 3D10 hp
2 inhaled gases (or radiation or whatever he uses) cause Headaches for 1D20 hours
3 Instead of wanted effect scientist causes a ball lightning
4 Scientist shrinks 1D100 % (permanent)
5 Cloud escapes that will shrink the first person it encounters by 1D100% (permanent)
6 Scientist 1D100% (permanent)

Target Roll of 16

1 Scientist gets knocked out by explosion for 1D20 hours. Next roll gets a modifier of -5 (No matter what it is)
2 Experiment causes mutation. Scientist receives 2 points of Special quality. The gamemaster picks the powers gained. All powers gained will be uncontrolled
3 Explosion destroys all laboratory equipment and causes 2D20 points of damage to everyone in the lab
4 Scientist size gets divided by 1D100 (permanent)
5 Cloud escapes that will divide the size of the first person it encounters by 1D100 (permanent)
6 Scientist grows to 1D10 times normal size (permanent)

Target Roll of 17

1 Explosion causes 4D10 points of damage
2 Blindness for 1D100 Minutes
3 Scientist ages 5 years and temporary looses 1D10 HP
4 Explosion knocks Scientist unconscious for 1D100 Minutes. After that -5 on all rolls for 1 day
5 Explosion mutates scientist. He receives special quality drawbacks worth 4 points, without gaining anything from that.
6 Big explosion releases cloud that will shrink everyone in a mile radius by 1D20 % (permanent)

Target Roll of 18

1 All non living mater within 100' dissapears.
2 Energy throws scientist through the air and causes 5D10 HP
3 scientist is extremly scared for 1D100 days by some sideeffect. Unable to work in a laboratory for that time
4 Scientists gets deaf for 1D20 days (all those explosions)
5 Big explosion releases cloud that will shrink everyone in a mile radius by 1D100 % (permanent)
6 Scientist gets halfsided paralyzation for 1D20 hours

Target Roll of 19

1 Scientist looses all hair
2 One limb of the scientist turns to stone
3 energy cloud escapes from the lab. It will hit one random person for a random effect.
4 Scientist develops a split personality, that will take over the body after he goes to sleep.
5 Scientist loses memory for 1D6 days (blow to the head, inhaled gases...)
6 Scientist gets epileptic seizure. Might be danger of injuries.

Target Roll of 20

1 Scientist gets sick and is for one week bedridden with fever
2 Scientist gets confused and all rolls get modified by -20% for 2D20 days
3 Scientst gets blinded and loses equilibrium sense for 1D20 days
4 Scientist is paralyzed for 1D20 days
5 Energy ignites air around the Scientist. He takes 1D6 points of damage every 6 secons until the fire gets extinguished
6 Scientist ages 10 years

Target Roll of 21

1 Scientist ages 15 years
2 Scientist gets a heartattack. Quick help is needed
3 Scientist loses all senses for 2D100 days
4 Failure causes heavy earthquake
5 Scientist skin turns to stone. Body functions go into hibernation. He can survive for decades in this form before he starves
6 Big explosion releases cloud that will divide the size of everyone in two miles radius by 1D100 (permanent)