Organisations and Groups

Creating and running a group is much handled like creating and running a character.
(And so players aren't required to spend 40 hours a week for bookkeeping of their characters organisation)

But there are of course some differences. First groups don't have abilityscores. Second, they have no real skills.
This might not sound very much alike so far. But groups do have 3 skill like attributes, which even have specialisations.
Those values all start at 0 and have to be increased by players using their XP. When a player joins for the first time, it counts like he would also donate 1 XP.
Each player can choose when and how much of his XP he wants to use to increase a certain skill like value.
As soon as players have donated enough XP for one value to increase this will happen. (Players canspent their XP on different values or all on the same, as they want, so it might happen that you have to keep track of XP invested on different aspects.)

The size of an organisation can grant a multiplier to the XP used.
If one or more of the players run the organisation every XP counts as just 1XP in regard to increasing the skill like values.
If the characters have one boss each XP they use to increase vaues counts double.
If the characters don't just have a boss, but that boss also has a boss, and there are many more employees on the same level as the characters each XP they use counts as 5.
If the characters are so low in the hierarchy of the organisation that they can't even make use of the advantages the skill like values give all XP they donate count as 10.

Now that you know how to increase the skill like values of a group, it is time to introduce what skill like values you can get and what specialisations are possible.
Folowing are the skill like values, the specialisations and short tables for all specialisations telling you what certain skill values actually mean.


Power determines how much influence the group has in certain aspects of life.
Possible specialisations are:
  • Criminal
  • Financial
  • Governmental
  • Supers
  • Criminal:

    >0The group is known to some criminals, who would be willing to pass on informations....for a fee
    >5The group has lots of criminal contacts and can buy all kind of illegal services or goods
    >10The group can now hire any sort of specialist (safecrackers, forgers, hitmen...) or might already have those on their payroll
    >15The group has a small army of thugs, and are involved in a lot of illegal activity.
    >20The criminal influence covers at least one nation but more likely international. As a result the army of thugs is no longer small


    >0The group has barely enough money for it's basics need. It can't pay it's employees more than minimum wage...if even that.
    >5The group has enough income to pay it's members a regular salary. It can afford to pay a few thousand dollars each month for unexpected purchases
    >10The group can pay good salaries, has probably assets worth a few millions and can spent over 100,000$ each month for unplanned purposes.
    >15The group has money like a major corporation (or might be one) It can pay huge salaries for hundredsof members and each month it has millions available for unplanned purchases
    >20At this point the organisation is one of the big international players, worth billions. Everything that is for sale can be bought


    >0The group has some connections with the police or other authorities. The agencies know of the group and might be willing to share information or to cooperate on occasion
    >5The group has good connections to the law, and they can get minor transgressions overlooked. And most likely some of the town officials owe them favours.
    >10The group has enough influence to be practical above the law. Gross violations of the law might still lead to arrest and investigations, but actually convictions are unlikely. (The applying of money might be needed)
    >15The group can actual perform arrests and if justified is allowed to use deadly force.
    >20The group actually runs the government, either openly or behind the scenes


    >0The group has some contact to some of the weaker metahumans, but isn't in posession of much actual power.
    >5The group has contact wih more supers and knows where to go to buy gadgets, and might already have a small collection.
    >10The group has actually some Metahumans on it's payroll and at least contact to some being of the Superhuman level
    >15The group has a small army of super powered individuals, contacts to several being of superhuman levels and might even have some of this level in it's higher ranks
    >20The group has a huge army of Metahumans and at least half a dozen members of the experienced Superhuman level


    The skill like value for Quarters tell how and where the group lives.
    Following specialisations are available:
  • Size
  • Location
  • Security
  • Size:

    The size of the buildings doesn't change very quickly, if you increase your skill from the minimum required for a specific size the interior improves. (Better furniture, decorations etc.)
    >0One small apartment or office
    >5Decent office space (several offices) or a warehouse
    >10A complete Office Building or other building with several rooms, storage space and a parking lot
    >15Some huge building, Size of a shopping mall or a military base, withlot of space for all purposes
    >20A big complex of buildings, spanning several cityblocks at the very least


    >0The group has a headquarter.
    >5The group has more than one branch. It has one Headquarter at the size that is given by the current value in the size specialisation, two at a size category smaller and Location value branches at the size of a single office
    >10The group has one Headquarter at current size value and as many as Location value of one size category smaller. And three times location value offices at 2 size categories smaller
    >15The group has Location Value Headquarters at full size and twice as many for one category lower
    >20As above, but the company also has 10 times it's Location Value in headquarters 2 size categories smaller


    >0The headquarter has decent burglar alarms and good locks (TR 15)
    >5Good alarms and seurity devices. (Crime TR 20 to disable). Security cameras in strategic position. All owned buildings have a human guard
    >10Top notch security (Crime TR 25 to overcome) All buildings have at least 10 guards
    >15All branches have armed guards at every corner and cameras everywhere. If they have any building complexes they will have armed checkpoint.
    >20Security system needs a Crime roll against a TR of 30 to overcome. All important areas are behind secure doors that need a crime roll against TR 30 to be opened without authorisation


    Equipment stands for all the gear and facilities the group might posess.
    Followin specialisations exist:
  • Computers
  • Medical Facilities
  • Workshop Repair Facilities
  • Training facilities
  • Vehicles
  • Weapons
  • Gadgets
  • Computers

    >0The group has one PC per office and internet access.
    >5The group has a few advanced workstations. (Basicly top notch PCs,so nothing to write home about)and one normal PC for every employee
    >10A few "supercomputers" but nothing that would make it into any top lists
    >15The group has one of the Top 100 "Supercomputers"
    >20The group has a computer that was build with the use of superscience (or plain gadgeteeering) It is at least a century above any system that is commercially available and has a artificial inteligence. Such a computer can#t be found on any official top 100 list, but has at least a million times more computing power than the number 1 found on such a list

    Medical Facilities

    >0Basic medical equipment. Grants a bonus of +1 to all Profession (Medic) rolls
    >5A complete medical practice. This grants a +2 to all Profession(Medic) rolls
    >10A full practice, complete with one doctor and 3 nurses or paramedics. (Room grants +2 to Profession(Medic) rolls the doctor has a skill of 6 the nurses of 2)
    >15A small clinic complete with 5 doctors (on call). (Grants a +3 to all Profession(Medic) rolls, all Doctors have a skill of 6)
    >20A small hospital complete with 10 doctors. (Grants +3 on all Profession(Medic) rolls. 1 doctor will have a skill of 8, the rest has a skill of 6

    Workshop Repair Facilities

    >0Room with some tools, maybe a hydraulic lift and enough space for a car or a boat
    >5Large garage with lots of tools and electronic diagnostic devices
    >10Large garage or hangar with all needed tools and mechanics (Profession(Mechanic) Skill of 6)
    >15large hanger filled with all equipment to not only repair but to build completely new vehicles and other machinery. With all the crew needed
    >20A real huge complex. Filled with technicians and crew. Great if you want to go in business as a car or plane manufactorer

    Training facilities

    >0You have just an empty room and some mattresses that can be used as a sort of gym
    >5You have a fully equipped gym to keep in shape in
    >10Your gym also has martial arts and fencing equipment
    >15You also have an advanced shooting range. (Moving targets and all that)
    >20Full combat simulation room. (With combat robots or the like)


    >0The group has one group car
    >5The group has one car for every 5 members or a minimum of 3 if less than 15 members
    >10The group has at least one special car. (Armored, mounted weapons, extreme turbo engine...) If the group has more than 100 cars one percent of all cars will be special
    >15The group has an airplane of it's own
    >20The group has several planes and helicopters


    >0The group has some melee weapons
    >5The group is in posession of several firearms
    >10The group has paramilitary equipment. (Assault rifles, submachine guns etc.)
    >15Serious military weapons and explosives. (Machine guns, storm cannons, missile launchers...)
    >20The group has access to military vehicles. (tanks, fighter planes...)


    >0The group has access to one time items worth skillvalue XP per month
    >5The group has one Gadget worth a SQ of 1 per skill point
    >10The group has one Gadget wrth a SQ of 2 for every 5 skill points
    >15The group has one item with a SQ of 3 for every full 10 skill points
    >20The group has one item with a SQ of 6