Your character is either member of some nonhuman race that has some unusual abilities humans don't have or is some form of adept that aquired special qualities through mystical means.

So how does this work?

Quite simple you acquire the special qualities skill and each skill point gives you 20 points to spent on the things in this list..
You can partially buy abilities. But they won't have any effect before you completely have them.
Some qualities might have a negative cost. Meaning those actually give you more points to spent on other qualities.
Also you can add limitations to qualities to get them at a reduced cost. (Reduction between 10 and 90 percent, see below under limitation)
It is strongly encouraged that special effects get added to the powers for flavour.
For example someone with the teleportation power could disapear with a loud Bamf in a cloud of smoke, while someone else transforms into light, that beams to the new destination where the light becomes a solid body again. A third teleporter could just sink into the earth and come out again at a different spot again.
A supernatural attack can have the form of electricity crackling around the hands or the whole body being covered in flames....
be creative, two beings with the same powers pointwise could have completely different looks and feel differently.
The special effect might also have beneficial sideeffects. Like the supernatural attack that covers the body in flames, would also be a lightsource.
generally speaking the side effects shouldn't be more powerfull than a power of 10% the value of the power in question. (Sometimes they can be more usefull, especially with low level powers, but then there should be some annoyance that accompanies it as well)

List of qualities

Acute senses - 10 Points/Level

Each level improves one sense or gives you an additional one. Granting you the ability to track by smell or to hear a heartbeat over a distance of 100' or to just see in complete darkness, or auras...

Boost Powers - Variable cost, see description

Each level enables you to temporarily enhance someones special quality by 1 rank (or 20 points of power). You can't give the target any new powers, just additional levels of an already existing power or temporarily buy off limitations or uncontrolled power drawbacks or enhance abilities. (Everyone has ability scores, so enhancing those is not considered granting a new power)
  • The base cost is 20 Point per Level. At that cost you can boost the power while touching the person.
  • For a cost increase of 10 point per Level you can boost the powers 1 minute for the first second touched, trippling the time for each additional second in contact (but never for longer than a day).
  • For an increase of 10 points per level you can initiate the boost over a distance of 10', each additional use of 10 points multiplies that distance with 10
    For example boosting a power up to 10' away costs 20 points per level.
    The levels in Boost powers are the total number of boosted ranks, for all persons or objects. If you have a duration set with a boost you can revoke the power before the time is up. (Which enables you to boost someone else or a different power)

    Can eat everything - 5 Points

    The character can digest everything, and poisons that get into the digestive system just don't work. (But have normal effects if injected into the bloodstream)
    This does not give the ability to chew hard substances, so to take out a bite out of metal you have to add some means to do so. (Natural weapon enhancement to the bite or some supernatural attack)

    Charge with Energy - 20Points/Level

    Each Level grants the character the ability to charge his body with 5 units of energy per minute.
    The maximum charge is 5 times the characters weight in pounds + willpower times 100
    The energy itself can't be used for anything. But you can add a limitation to your powers that they will need some sort of energy. If you do so, this is the source to get the energy in question.
    If the maximum level of power is surpassed (for example after shrinking) All abilities using the power will work at full power non stop until the powerlevel drops below maximum.
    if you need the power you want to charge yourself be present for this to work it is a limitation on just the charge power.
    But if the charge power can be fueled with several forms of energy, but your powers can only use one of them, it is a limitation on all powers. (Note that the charge would not just fill you up to maximum charge, it would actually replace previous charges with the new type of energy available.)
    if such an alternate energyform is uncommon it is just a 10% limitation, but even if it common enough to happen dayly it can't be a reduction of more than 30%

    Clinging - 10 Points

    You character has the ability to crawl along walls and the ceiling.

    Dependency - (-20) Point/ Level

    You need something rare and/or illegal to survive. At level 1 you need to get this once a month. Each additional level halves that time. If you miss a dose you suffer 1 HP of damage for each passing 10th of your usual interval. This damage cannot be healed or regenerated until you received a dose.
    As a option you can get a dependency at half the cost per level (-01) to just lose all your special qualities until you get another dose.
    You could also get both options to make it all the more troublesome if you miss a dose.

    Emotional Influence - 10 Points/ Level

    Your character can provoke a certain emotion. The subject of this power gets a resistence roll any additional level puts that roll at -2.
    Note that you can induce emotions but not the target of those emotions. (Someone who feels love, doesn't neccesary have to love you)

    Enhanced Attribute - 10 Point/ Level

    Each Level gives you an effective +1 Bonus on one ability. (For all game purposes except raising that attribute)

    Enhanced jumping - 10 Points/ Level

    Each level doubles the height and width you can normaly jump.
    Meaning that with Level one you can jump twice as high as normal, at Level 2 four times as high and so on.
    This also effects the speed of your jump. (So if you jump full length at level 2 you are moving with 4 times your normal running speed)
    Enhanced movement doesn't stack with this speed increase. Use the higher total value.

    Enhanced movement - 10 Points/ Level

    Each Level adds another time the distance you can run per second.
    Meaning that with Level 1 you can run twice as fast as normal, at Level 2 three times faster and so on. If your maximum movement divided by 10 is greater than your strength score, use that value instead of strength to calculate damage for melee and thrown weapons. (Not for a bow or other weapons that make indirect use of strength)

    Enhanced Skill gaining - 10 Point/ Level

    Each level reduces the amount of XP you have to pay to raise a skill by 1. The cost can't be reduced to less than 1XP per rank. The reduction works for a base skill and all specialisations. (You can use the limited use feature to restrict it to one specialisation which would be a 90% point break)

    Flying - 20 Points/Level

    At the basic level character can fly at run speed (enhanced movement does count for this). Each additional level doubles the speed of the previous level.
    (This is for flight within an atmosphere. In outer space there is no limit to your speed, but each level of flying can compensate one level of strength, so you can push big objects instead of pushing yourself away from them.)

    Gadgetering - 20 Points/Level

    This enables the character to build items with special qualities. To do so he channels XP or luck into the item and buys the skill for the item(a point of luck just counts like a point of XP for this). But he can only learn to add one special quality into items for each level of gadgeteering he takes. Drawbacks can be added to items without extra levels in gadgetering. (Like limitations, dependecies..., for vulnerabilities etc the item has the equivalent of 5 HP per rank in a special quality).
    If a one time item should be build each xp counts like a hundred regarding this item. (For either making a powerful item at low cost or lots of low powered items). A normally permanent effect lasts for 24 hours when put into a one time item. (unless a limitation shortens the time even more).
    If the item cost gets reduced to 0 or less quality points due to drawbacks it still costs 1 point when it's made the first time. But after that the gadgeteer can build as many copies as he likes.
    Note that 0 point items can be created with the science skill at no XP cost.

    Gliding - 10 Point

    You can Glide at your normal run speed. Losing about 3' in altitude every round.

    Grant Powers - Variable cost, see description

    Each level enables you to temporarily grant 1 rank of special quality (or 20 points of power) to someone else.
  • The base cost is 10 Point per Level. At that cost you can grant the power while touching someone else and you can't access those ranks yourself during that time.
  • For a cost increase of 10 point per Level you can give the powers away for 1 minute for the first second touched, trippling the time for each additional second in contact.
  • For an increase of 10 points per level you can share the power without losing it.
  • For an increase of 10 points per level you can initiate the share over a distance of 10', each additional use of 10 points multiplies that distance with 10
    For example Sharing a power with someone up to 10' away without losing it costs 30 points per level.
    The levels in Grant powers are the total number of granted ranks, for all persons or objects you share them with. If you have a duration set with a power you can revoke the power before the time is up.

    Independent Lifesupport - 20 Points

    The character can survive without food or even air to breath in any pressure environment. (from outer space to the depth of the ocean).

    Increased Lifepoints - 10 Point/ Level

    Each Level gets your character an additional 20 HP (and stun points)

    Increased Time rate - 50 Points/Level

    Each Level in this doubles the speed of the character.
    meaning that at Level 1 he would be twice as fast as everyone else and could do 2 rounds worth of actions for every action that passes. At level 2 it becomes 4 round for every second and so on. (Note this mean you can do a full offense and a full defense action in one round to get both bonuses.) If several full rounds of attack are set against the same target you get ganging up bonus. (Using the attacks of two rounds within one round counts the same as attackins by two different persons) Each level in this gives you one level of reduced damage with a limitation against kinetic attacks for free. (As those attacks would be performed in slow motion in relation to you)

    Invisible - 20 Points

    The character becomes absolutely invisible. This gives him a +2 to attacks and enemies get a -5 to hit him in return. (And they can't even attempt until they have some idea where he is)
    (You can add the limitation: Can't be turned off for a 50% point break)

    Iron Mind - 10 Point/ Level

    The character gets a +5 on all rolls to resist mind or emotion control.

    Limited use - variable reductions

    This can be added to every power to lower the cost. The limit must be somewhat crippling. Like a power that works only against a specific race. Or armor that only works against specific attacks...
    Here a few examples to get a feel for the point breaks:
    10%Doesn't work on people with red hair
    Stops to work in presence(<10') of rare material
    20%Only while playing an instrument
    30%Each use (or round of continued use) costs a stun point
    Damage resistance against all kinetic attacks
    40%Cannot be used with any other power(only for beings with several powers)
    50%Only during the day
    only against males and all other things that makes it only effective half the time
    uses 1 charges of energy per use(minute of use)
    (When in doubt, this should be default reduction)
    60%Only in sunlight
    70%uses 10 charges of energy per use(minute of use)
    Damage resistance against all pure energy attacks (Electricity, heat... but not kinetic attacks (as those move objects to inflict damage))
    80%Only works once a week
    Damage resistance against one form of energy (for example heat)
    90%Only works on a specific day in the week
    uses 10o charges of energy per use(minute of use)
    Only works during the full moon
    and other rare circumstances
    Damage resistance that needs a parry action to work(remember that a succesfully roll halfs the damage, even if the attack gets through)

    Magic resistance - 10 Point/Level

    The character makes a resistance roll against any magic that affects him in some way. He rolls a 2D6 + 5 times his resistance level. If he manages to roll as high as the spells target roll, the magic is dispelled.
    This effects everything but his own spelllike abilities even if beneficial to him, and he has to roll everytime he comes in contact with magic.

    Natural Armor - 10 Point/ Level

    Each Level gives the character 2 additional points of armor.

    Natural weapon - 10 Point/Level

    The first Level changes your unarmed attack to type slash. Each additional point increases the strength multiplier by one.

    No sleep needed -5 Points

    The character just needs no sleep whatsoever to keep going. (Note animated objects with no will of their own have this automatically for free)

    Regeneration - 10 Point/ Level

    First Level regenerates Constitution HP/ hour
    Second Level regenerates Constitution HP/ minute
    Third Level regenerates Constitution HP/ 6 seconds(combatround)
    Each additional level adds Con HP per combat round. If HP would regenerate faster than stunpoints apply the same regeneration speed to stunpoint recovery.

    Reduced Damage - 30 Points/ Level

    Each Level divides damage by (1+Level) before natural armor is applied.

    Reduced Attribute - (-10) Point/ Level

    Each level reduces the effectivness of one attribute by one. (For all game purposes except raising it)

    Reduced Skill gaining - (-10) Point/ Level

    For each level taken the cost in XP to raise the skill in question increases by 1.

    Steal Quality - 10 Point/Level

    Each Level allows you to temporary transfer 1 Rank of a special quality from one other person to you. You can't buy what you want with those points, but get whatever the target has. Normaly the power steals the quality for one minute for the first second the subject is touched. Tripling the time with each additional second.
    The Levels are used up, until the stolen qualities return to the original owner.
    If the target doesn't have any ranks in special quality anymore, it can target normal skills and abilities. (Getting two ability points per level)
    But those only show effect if you steal higher ranks than you already have. (Paying for those you already have as well)

    Stretching - 10 Point/Level

    Each Level allows you to stretch any part of your body to twice the previous length. (no weight change)
    So Level 1 allows stretching to twice normal length and or width, Level 2 to four times that much and so on.
    The ability makes every part of your body also extremly flexible. (No need to worry about broken bones, unless your body get bend beyond maximum capacity)

    Supernatural Attack - 20 Points/Level

    This are all those special attacks like spitting fire.
    Use of this ability deals 20 points of damage per level
    If it's a ranged attack form it deals damage like the power would be onelevel lower
    If it covers an area each 10' increase of diamater reduces the effective level by 1.

    Supernatural allergy - (-10 or more see text) Point/Level

    Each Level costs 1 HP per 6 seconds the object in question touches the character. If the object is very common like gras or wood it brings 20 point/level.
    If the effect set in at a distance you get 10 extra point for 10' distance and 10 more for each multiplication with 10 of that distance.

    Spell like ability - 10 Point/ Level

    The description of the exact ability has to be pretty exact. (No variables left in the spell description).
    You get a skill rank of 6 +2*Level to cast the effect. (Note that you can buy enough skill to avoid rolling)

    Sync powers Variable cost, see description

    Each level enables you to temporarily get 1 rank of special quality (or 20 points of power) from someone else.
  • The base cost is 10 Point per Level. At that cost you can get the power while touching the person who posesses the quality.
  • For a cost increase of 10 point per Level you can get the powers for 1 minute for the first second touched, trippling the time for each additional second in contact.
  • For an increase of 10 points per level you can initiate the sync over a distance of 10', each additional use of 10 points adds another 10' to the distance
    For example getting a power from someone up to 10' away would cost 20 points per level. If you get prolonged times for the time the owner stays within 10' of you the cost goes to 30 points.
    The levels in sync powers is the total number of special quality ranks you can copy at any given time, If you have a duration set with a power you can give up powers before the time is up.

    Teleportation - 20 Points/ Level

    Level 1 allows you to teleport yourself and everything you touch up to 10'. Each additional Level multiplies that distance by 10.

    Uncontrollable Power - (-20) Point

    Can applied to every power. The power is not fully controlled. In situations of stress the character has to make a roll to controll the power.
    Failure might mean the armor stops working in a critical situation or an attack power goes off at an unappropiate moment. (You need to roll a 7 on a D10 to controll the power)

    Unique Kill - 50 Points

    There is only one way to kill the character. For example decapacitation. Everything else might put him down, but he will recover. This also means that his health points can't drop below 1 unless the damage is dealt by an attack form that could kill him.

    Unnatural look (-20/-40) points

    The character does look different from any member of known species in the campaign. If the look is just different it brings 20 points, if the look is seen as disgusting by members of own species it brings 40 points. (Human with big insect eyes for example)

    Vulnerability - (-20) Points/Level

    Each level doubles the damage a certain substance does. (i.e. silver for Lycanthropes).

    Walk on water - 10 Points

    The character can walk over any liquid like it would be solid ground.