Spell failures

At some point rolls to do magic will fail.
If the result of the magicskill+2d6 roll is under 10 no magic was done and all is safe. But if that roll would be 10 but the modifier would bring it belo 10 something wil hapen.
Roll the casters Willpower+2D6 and subtract the modifier. Check the result below and roll 1D6 on the table for the result


Succesfully discharged all energy. No sideeffect.


1 Spell is cast on caster
2 Spell is cast on one of casters companions
3 Spell is cast on a nearby foe(or item if none present)
4 Caster shrink 10% for 1D10 Minutes
5 Someone near the caster shrink 10% for 1D10 Minutes
6 Someone near the caster grows 10% for 1D10 Minutes


1 Spell produces only whining noise and brimstone odor
2 Caster is stunned for 1D10 seconds
3 Spell produces just some noise and flashy lights
4 Caster shrinks 1D20 % for 1d6 hours
5 Someone near the caster shrinks 1D20 % for 1D6 hours
6 Someone near the caster grows 1D20% for 1D6 hours


1 Spell produces weak and useless shadow of intended effect
2 Spell produces reverse of intended effect
3 Spell produces reverse of intended effect on the wrong target
4 Caster shrinks 1D100% for 1D20 hours
5 Someone near the caster shrinks 1D100 % for 1D20 hours
6 Someone near the caster grows 1D100% for 1D20 hours


1 Spell produces useless illusion of intended effect
2 Casters hair grows 12 inches
3 Subject of the spell changes color
4 Caster shrinks 1D100% for 1D6 days
5 Someone near the caster shrinks 1D100 % for 1D6 days
6 Someone near the caster grows 1D100% for 1D6 days


1 painful shock in one hand
2 flatulence for 1D6 days
3 Hairs stand upright and glow for 1D6 hours
4 Caster shrinks 10% (permanent)
5 Someone near the caster shrinks 10% (permanent)
6 Someone near the caster grows 10% (permanent)


1 Spell is delayed for 5 minutes. (Of course it might not be needed then)
2 effects of a cold lower the concentration by 1 for 1D6 hours
3 Nightmares for the next 1D20 days. 50% chance that caster doesn't sleep enough to recover a concentration point
4 Caster shrinks 1D20 % (permanent)
5 Someone near the caster shrinks 1D20% (permanent)
6 Someone near the caster grows 1D20% (permanent)


1 Looses 3D10 hp
2 Headaches for 1D20 hours stop caster from using magic
3 Instead of wanted effect caster gets a good visible sheet lightning
4 Caster shrinks 1D100 % (permanent)
5 Someone near the caster shrinks 1D100% (permanent)
6 Someone near the caster grows 1D100% (permanent)


1 Caster falls unconscious for 1D20 hours. Next roll gets a modifier of -5 (No matter what it is)
2 lumbago for 1D100 days. Impossible to ride and only possible to walk slowly
3 Every piece of metal on body becomes soft as rubber for 1D100 days
4 Caster size gets divided by 1D100 (permanent)
5 Someone near the caster get his size divided by 1D100 (permanent)
6 Someone near the caster grows to 1D10 times normal size (permanent)


1 Magic hit's shoulder like a knife for 4D10 HP
2 Blindness for 1D100 Minutes
3 Caster ages 5 years and temporary looses 1D10 HP
4 Caster falls unconscious for 1D100 Minutes. After that -5 on all rolls for 1 day
5 Shock reduces magicskill by 25% for 1D20 hours
6 Great lightshow that indicates to everyone in 1 mile radius the presence of a magician and the caster doesn't recover Concentration for 1D20 days.


1 All clothing and equipment of the caster vanishes into another dimension
2 Energy throws caster through the air and causes 5D10 HP
3 Caster is extremly scared for 1D100 days. Concentration is reduced to a maximum of 3
4 Caster gets deaf for 1D20 days
5 Casters face gets disfigured
6 Caster gets halfsided paralyzation for 1D20 hours


1 Caster looses all hair
2 One limb of the caster turns to stone
3 The energy hits one random person for a random effect.
4 Caster looses all concentration
5 Caster loses memory for 1D6 days
6 Caster gets epileptic seizure. Might be danger of injuries.


1 Caster gets sick and is for one week bedridden with fever
2 Caster gets confused and all rolls get modified by -20% for 2D20 days
3 Caster is blind and loses equilibrium sense for 1D20 days
4 Caster is paralyzed for 1D20 days
5 Energy ignites air around the caster. Caster takes 1D6 points of damage every 6 secons until the fire gets extinguished
6 Caster ages 10 years


1 Caster is extremely confused. Concentration 0 for 1D6 Month
2 Caster gets a heartattack. Quick help is needed
3 Blood starts to boil. Caster can only be saved by a quick spell
4 Caster ages 10 years
5 Casters skin turns to stone. Body functions go into hibernation. caster can survive for decades in this form before he starves
6 Spell causes an explosion. For 1D100 HP. For each 10' distance damage gets halved


1 Body feels like it would burn. Concentration is one point lower for 1D6 Weeks
2 Caster loses consiousness for 1D6 days
3 Caster ages 15 years
4 Casters lungs a paralyzed. Quick spell needed.
5 Awfull headache reduces concentration to 0 for 1D6 days
6 Magic summons powerful demon


1 Intelligence drops to Trolllevel for 1D100 days. (Impossible to do magic in that time)
2 Caster loses all senses for 2D100 days
3 Caster ages 25 years
4 Heavy earthquake
5 Caster switches body with an insect
6 Caster can't improve magicskill for 1D6 years


1 All magic equipment the caster has disapears. His magic skill drops to 0. From now on he's mundane
2 Csters eyes disapear
3 Caster turns to stone
4 Caster ages one year per hour
5 Caster transports himself into another dimension
6 Caster gets alast chance to dispel his own spell. if he fails he disintegrates

-7 or worse

1 Caster looses his memory and all skills drop to 0
2 Caster can't move. Touch or a heavy wind would crumble him to dust.
3 Earthquakes and hurricanes are set loose. The caster glows blue and sinks into the earth
4 Caster goes completely insane. He will cast spells until he is stopped somehow.
5 Caster dehydrates within seconds
6 Caster falls in coma. Soul gets trapped in some inanimate object.