Spell seeds



A illusion with the quality "bad" can fool a maximum of one sense. Each raise in the quality by one, adds one more sense that gets fooled. If someone gets suspicious that the illusionary effect might be not real. (For example by seeing something contradicting what the illusion wants him to believe) he can make a willpower check modified by the quality. (The quality subtracts from his willpower) if he succeeds that check he sees through the illusion.


The default strength of levitation allows the movement of about 15 pounds at a speed of 3 mph, about 8 pounds at 6 mph and 4 pounds at 12 mph
To move more weight you have add a strength ability score. (See strength chart to see which level is needed for a specific weight)
To improve speed you can add some dexterity score to the effect (movement at one forth of the running speed for up to twice normal lifting weight, half running speed at lifting weight and full speed at half lifting weight as given in the strength table), or add special qualities(the movement it has already counts as 1 level of flying, so each further level doubles the movement speed).


Analyze Magic

If you cast this on any spell active, and the quality of the spell is equal or less to the quality of this spell then you immidiatly know all spellseeds and modifiers that went into the spell in question.
If your quality is at least two charges better, you know exactly what the spell is supposed to do.
If your quality is lower than the quality of the spell, you get the accurate strength of the spell you targeted.
If cast on an item with multiple spells, you get the number and strengths of the individual spells.


A created Aura is normally invisible unless someone has Astral vision. A created Aura surrounds a object or being and extends for about 1"
A standard aura without extra modifications is useless, but it can be combined with special qualities or other spell seeds for increased effects.
(Just consider damage resistance as an add on, and you are at least dirt protected. With enough levels, it easily replaces armor)


You can change the color of an object (or even the air) within the visible spectrum. (That is what your character can see).


Establishs a one way communication to the target.
You can send messages or spells through this connection.
The target can resist with Willpower if it wants. (But it doesn't need to)

Force fields

A force field is a static barrier. (Well actually it can also be a useless spell that does nothing, but who would cast it that way?)
You can use the damage table to determine a maximum force the barrier can withstand, before a physical object breaks through.
it is also possible to stop spells. Just add the quality of magic modifier to the spell.
For further use special qualities can be added. (Reduced damage comes to mind)
The force field can have any form, a wall, a dome, of a hand....
If the force field should be moveable you have to add a levitation spell seed into the spell.

Real invisibility

This is a real invisibility, not just a mere illusion. This can fool machines, and even suspicious characters have no chance of resisting the effect. Invisibility has a few unique modifiers:

slight disturbance in the air light shadow in bright sunlight complete invisibility
-1 0 +1


The search spell seed can be used to locate magical auras. (Every living being and every magical item has one). If you want to locate a nonliving, non magical item you have to do it either with your own eyes or recruit some help to do so. (Summoning a quick being for example) It is possible to search for all auras in an area, all auras of a specific kind or that of a single item or person.


The area modifier is only needed if the sound is supposed to be not localised at one point of origin.
The sound is not limited to the hearing range of the caster. (So if you want to make the magical equivalent to a dog whistle, you can do it without any extra modifier) Note that under normal atmosphere conditions a sound over 194 dB would act like a shockwave.
130 DB is considered to be the threshold of Pain, everything over 120 dB is already enough to perforate the eardrums.


The surface of an area can be changed. Each change to the neighbor in the following list adds a +1 modifier.
  • glue (holds up to 100 pounds per squarefoot of surface)
  • sticky (holds up to 10 pounds per squarefeet)
  • rough
  • smooth (like skin)
  • very smooth
  • slippery


    For changes in solidness you get a modifier of +1 for each change to the neighboring group in this list. If your solidness increase obver lifeform, you get damage resistance 10 for each step higher.
  • Ethereal
  • gaseous
  • liquid
  • jelly
  • lifeform
  • wood
  • metal
  • diamond

    Storing of Magic

    With this seed you can another spell in an item. The quality modificator must be picked for the spell that is to be stored.
    The storing can be done in two ways.
    1) The spell can be used once during the duration.
    2) The spell can be used any number of times, as long as there is magical energy available. (the item can be charged with magical energy in some way)


    Use the damage causing table to change the temperature (not the one for charges)
    Each point of damage represents a change of 0.1F for each 10' cube (that is 10'*10'*10', or in other words 1000 cubicfeet) affected per round of the spell duration. (A human has only a size of around 30 cubicfeet which translates in a temperature change of 3.3 for each point of damage dealt)



    The air seed allows to move air at a low speed of 12 mph. You can add special qualities to increase that speed. (Enhanced movement and increased timerate). If the air moves faster the air speed divided by 20 mph gets considered as strength score (pushing stuff along it's movement path.)

    Break Spell

    This seed gets used to end any spell effect.
    A break spell always needs to be at least as good as the spell that should be broken even when the modifiers give lower results.


    The spell seed allows you direct changes on the body. For example to add some special qualities. (Only those that are associated with the body, like enhanced Attributes or regeneration. But not acute senses (see the sense seed), supernatural attacks or anything that is not a normal body function)


    A curse/blessing gets a magic skill. The maximum rank is the curse has is based on the quality and can never be higher then the amount the caster has.

    Qualitymax. Skillpoints
    each additional charge+6

    During the time the curse is in effect it can cast spells to ensure the desired effect on everything within the area of effect. Since it can do this again and again the duration of those spells can be very low and the effect is still in place for the whole time the curse is in effect.
    The tricky part with this kind of curse/blessing is, there must always be some condition that breaks the curse or blessing. (And it has to be something that could happen).

    Deflect Magic

    In case that a spell deflection should become an reflection instead the difficulty increases by 1. A reflected spell gains +1 in strength (in form of any valid modification, mostly strength of the effect)


    The Earth seed allows to control (move) earth, but not to create earth. (That would be create matter). The controlled earth can move at the low speed of 3 mph but you can add special qualities to increase that speed. (Enhanced movement and increased timerate).
    The main advantage over levitation is that you don't need to add a strength value. (If you need one, consider earth to be slightly heavier than water, and calculate what strength you would need to move that volume of earth. This is the Strength value the earth would have in cases where it matters). if you attack with earth use the standard damage table for primary damage. (Depending on the amount of earth moved, there might be the additional problem of suffocating under a new mountain)


    The electricity spell seed allows the creation and manipulation of electricity.
    For damaging spells use the standard damage table.
    If you want to drain or charge batteries, consider each charge worth 5000 Joule. (A small car battery with 45 Ah, would have about 400 charges)


    This spell seed allows to create and control fire.
    For attack spells use the standard damage table.


    This allows creation of light and also to bend light, to enhance and move shadows.
    If you want to use it as an attack you can create a laser beam, use the standard damage table for that.


    You can change the result of dicerolls you make for any skillchecks. The modifier is a +1 for each change of one to the result of dicerolls. (A roll can never be modified below 2 or above 12)


    You can read and change the targets memory. The target gets a resistance roll with twice his normal Willpower to resist any attempts to change his memory.


    When used to controll cratures you can only keep a certain numbers of creatures under controll. The total of creatures willpower can't be higher than the cube of the casters Willpower.
    (i.E a caster with WILL 4 can control up to 64 willpower points, or 21 creatures with willpower 3)
    Other uses of this spell seed would be sending of dreams or visions, to read the thoughts of the target etc.


    This allows to change the senses of the target. You could add acute senses via special quality modificator or for the same point cost removing a sense completely.


    The Water seed allows to control (move) water, but not to create it. (That would be create matter). The controled water can move at the speed of 12 mph but you can add special qualities to increase that speed. (Enhanced movement and increased timerate).
    The main advantage over levitation is that you don't need to add a strength value. (If you need one, calculate what strength you would need to move that volume of water. This is the Strength value the water would have in cases where it matters). if you attack with earth use the standard damage table for primary damage. (Depending on the amount of water moved, there might be the additional problems like drowning in a huge wave, or water pillar)


    Change matter

    Change matter is based on density of the materials. Difficulty is +1 for a change of 1000kg per cubicmeter. sample densities for 1 cubicmeter:

    MaterialDensity per cubicmeter

    Note that change matter doesn't change shapes and someone turned into stone with this is dead, while a shapechanged person stays alive and can move again when the spell ends.
    Normally mass stays the same and the volume changes when the material gets changed.
    If the mass is supposed to change, the seed for create or destroy matter has to be added. (And the modifier for the weight change)


    The charging spell seed can be used to empower an enchantment or to store magical energy in an item.
    The number of charges equals the difficulty of the spell -10.
    If the energy isn't used to fuel an existing spell, but just stored in the item for later use, there are some limits to the amounts of energy an item can hold.
    It can always hold 5 charges per pound or 1 charge per 10gp worth. Whatever is more. (Explains why some items have gems on them)
    For sentient items or if a person gets charged an additional 100 charges per point of Willpower can be stored. if an item gets loaded with more energy than it can hold, it cracks up, or with far too much energy explodes (Each additional charge causes 20 points of damage). A sentient being will notice the overload and might be able to channel the energy away. (If it is magical energy in the form of spells)


    A drain spell removes charges of Energy from the target. In case of magic spells, that would weaken the spell by the same amount of modifiers. When the modifier drops below zero the spell is broken.
    If Draining gets used against a nonmagical attack each 20 points of damage are considered to be one charge. (One spell only drains one specific form of energy, not all that could be used, unless the modifiers for charges and for the spellseed get added multiple times. (once for each energy form to be considered))
    if Heat energy gets drained each charge represents 2F for each 10' cube (that is 10'*10'*10', or in other words 1000 cubicfeet) affected.
    It can also be used to fuel existing stored spells or if combined with the charge spell seed to store energy in a item for later use.
    For the later use, it can drain that energy out of different sources.
    It can for example drain magical energy out of injuries. (1 point of damage translates into one charge)
    or it can tap into surrounding energy sources. (Draining the maximum of the spell capacity or whatever amount is there) The spell can be made easier if the draining takes more time.

    Seconds (1 combat round) <1 Minute <10 Minutes <1 hour <1 Day each tripling of duration
    0 -1 -2 -3 -4 each -1


    This spell seed allows to move matter into another dimension.
    To access a diminsion you have to know that it exists. (Not merely suspect)
    The arrival point is always somewhat random. (See precision of planeshift table)
    It is possible to shift into the plane of existance one is already in. (Meaning you actually teleport)


    Following modifier are added to the difficulty (Add all that apply):
  • Change of kingdom (animal, plant, mineral...) +2
  • Change of class (mammal, reptile) +1
  • Change of kind (cat, dog, human) +1
  • Sizechange +1


    You can either summon a random being of a certain species or a specific creature. The being has to come to your location on its own.
    The being gets a resistance roll aginst the compulson to go to your location. The summoning spell also works as a carrier for further spellseeds. (Planeshift to get a demon to your location, and the Mind seed to control the summoned being a very common)


    This allows to control the weather in a small area.
    Normally the change would be considered "noticeable" (+2), but circumstances can change that.
    (Letting it rain when there are already dark clouds is easier, while doing it on a dry day in the desert would be considerable harder)


    Create matter

    Creating matter depends on the complexity of what you want to create (Might get up to +4 for complex machinery).
    All weight created is a change in weight, so count those modifiers in. Last but not least the matter created is considered to be of water density. If you want materials of different densities, you have to add the change matter seed into the creation.

    Destroy matter

    You can desintegrate some matter. As the matter is completly destroyed, you have of course a change in weight of the full object weight. (Add in that modifier)


    You can animate a item. The Quality of magic sets the limits of ranks for attributes and skills.

    QualityAbilitypointsmax. Skillpoints
    each additional charge+4+6

    You can't increase any skill beyond your own rank in it.
    You can only add the skill like value for special qualities for those qualities that are related to the item. (For example an iron object could have natural armor and reduced damage. A dragon skeleton might have a supernatural attack (fire breath) and so on)
    If a animated object doesn't need to be self aware you don't need to put Attribute ranks into Willpower.