Planecrafting is a Cha based skill.
Theoreticly it can convert a plane into anything, but the DCs tend to be very high.
Most characters can only change the traits of small Pocketplans, and even there need the help of spells to decrease the change DC
The time for a change isn't instantanius. To find out how long a change take, use the Value size DC + ((100 - Morphic Trait Value) / 2).
Then subtract from that result the amount by which the actual DC was passed.
If the results is 0 or less, then the change takes a single round.
If the number is positive it takes 2 to the power of the result rounds.

for exampleSomeone wants to give a demiplane of 50' radius with a morphic trait of 50 the minor positive energy trait. The DC for that is 78. Our example wizard uses a spell to lower the DC by 78 (it's impossible to lower a DC below 0) and his skill check results in a 26. This is 26 points over the DC. 38 (13 for size, + 50/2(=25) for morphic trait)-26 is 12. So the change of the energy trait takes 2 to the power of 12 rounds or 4096 rounds or almost 7 hours.
If someone wanted to change the trait of a whole planet the DC and the base value for the calculation would go up by 19 points.
That means the time needed goes up to 2147483648 rounds, or 408 years and 7 months
But unfortunately most planets aren't pocket planes in their own right. The typical prime world has the size of one solar system. (That would increase the DC to 115) If the wizard still can reduce the DC to 0(at the expense of 11,500 XP) and makes the same roll as before, the time required for the change would be 7187 trillion years(or in other words, it's impossible untill you are way into epic levels (around level 60 the time necessary could be reduced to survivable levels)).
in this example most likely every lich on the planet

Calculating the DC

The DC for a planecraft attempt is based on several things. There is always the size and the morphic trait to consider.
Adding to that comes the DC for whatever change you are trying to do. And sometimes there is an additional DC for existing related traits.
But enough of the explaining. It's time for incomprehensible tables, lists and rules.


  • Base DC is 10 for a plane smaller than 10' radius.
  • The DC increases by 1 each time you have to double that size. (11 for 20' planes, 12 for 40' planes...32 for a planet...50 for a whole solar system) The DC is just 100 for an infinite plane
  • Each additional layer increases the DC by 5 (up to +100 for an infinite amount of layers)
  • Doubling the size a plane currently has, increased the DC by 5.
    If the size of a pocket plane reaches the same size it's parent plane has, or 40,000,000' (roughly 8000 miles) it becomes a new layer to the parent plane.

    Morphic trait

    The morphic trait can have a value between 0 and 100. The DC for plane changes increases by 100-Morphic value.
    A changing of the Morphic traits, increases the DC by 5 points, per Morphic point change.

    Besides changing the DC for planecrafting attempts, the morphic trait has several other effects.
    Morphic Value Effects
    100 Surroundings can be changed by will alone. (Like in Limbo, look the rules up there). Wis Check with DC25 simulates effect of a Major Creation spell
    90+ Surroundings can be changed by will alone. (Like in Limbo, look the rules up there).
    80+ Believe of many people has an effect on the plane, making it narrative morphic
    75+ divine morphic. (Gods can influence the plane like a mortal can influence the chaos of limbo, but with greatly increased area. (See rules for divine beings)
    50+ This plane has a normal morphic trait
    <50 This plane is resistant against change. Moving objects requires a Str Check with a DC of 50- Morphic Trait. Everything gets a damage resistance of 25-(Morphic Trait/2) against everything. After 24 hours in such a plane a Str Check becomes neccesary to move at all. First at just 1 (which should always succeeed). Every 24 hours this DC increases by 1, until it is the same as for moving objects in the plane
    it is possible to add certain quirks to the morphic trait.

  • A seperate value for a specific group of people increases the DC by 25. That new value can be changed independetly from the standard trait. (Like a trait of 100 for Pelor clerics, and one of 0 for any other visitor)
  • Making the value fluctate with seasons, increases the DC by 2 for each points it differs at maximum from the average
  • Alignment/Elemental, Energy traits

    The traits: Chaos, Law, Good, Evil, Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Positive Energy and Negative Energy
    can have the trait strength: None, Minor dominant or major dominant.
    The explanation what those traits mean can be found in the DMG. (or in the SRD)
    Changing one of the traits to the nearest strength factor increases the DC by 15.

    It is possible to have several major dominant traits, even if they are opposing each other. (major dominant good and evil for example)
    if opposing traits are dominant, then it can be that different locations of the planes are effected by different traits, or you could have truely chaotic surroundings. (Like the chaos of Limbo)
    The Elementals mentioned are only examples. If someone wants to have a plane with Minor dominance of cheese, he can do this as easily (or hardly) as he could for earth dominance.


  • If you want time to flow at a different rate, than standard, you have to increase the DC by 10, for each extra round in either direction.
  • If time should have no effect while someone is in that plane the DC increases by 10. If the effects of time should catch up once someone leaves the plane the DC is reduced to 5
  • Geography

    Planes can handle geography different from standard. The DC to change the way it is handled is 50. That can change it from any way to any other.
    Some of the known ways to handle it are:
  • Like people know from prime worlds, where everything is always at the same place
  • It takes a fixed time to get anywhere. (For example, if you cant see it right now it will take you exactly 6 hours to go there)
  • Travel time is based on your willpower. (Actual travel times are still dependent on the plane)
  • Travel time is totally random
  • Travel time is based on demand of the plot (This trait mostly happens on narrative morphic planes)
  • Gravity

    Gravity comes in the strengths None, light, normal and heavy.
    Explanations are in the DMG.
    Changing the strength value by 1 in either direction increases the DC by 5.
    You could add(or remove) a quirk like subjective gravity, objective gravity and selective gravity by increasing the DC another 5 points.


    if you want to change the Magic trait, you always have to add in the DC for the existing modifiers as well.
    Effectsingle spellschoolall spells
    Caster level change by 1125
    Meta Magic Feat(per spell level it would normaly increase)51025
    Bonus spells (per extra spell granted)102550
    Impeded Magic (Spellcraft DC 15 + spell level to cast spell)153045
    Spell level blocked (for each blocked level)-1025
    You can add some special quirks to this list.
  • For an increase of DC +25 you can split the trait into arcane and divine magic, and each of those can changed independently from each other.
  • Different set for a specific kind of people. (Clerics of Pelor, chaotic evil beings, eldritch knights...) DC+25
  • Value changes within seasons DC+5 per magic trait, cost for that trait has to be paid for average value
  • Accesibility

    The Accesibility of a plane comes in different levels, and can have seperate values for each other plane.
    The Accesibility can be changed for all other planes, or for a subset of planes, with or without specific keys as wished.
    The actual accesibility to go from one plane to the other is based on the harder value from the planes in question. The change of a level to the neighboring category increases the DC by 10.
    Following levels exist:
  • Planes are one. You can just walk from one plane to the other.
  • Access at will. Whenever someone wants to move over he will.
  • Accesible with magic (standard planeshifting spells)
  • Planar Barrier, to cross to the other Plane, you need to success at a Spellcraft DC 15 check in addition to cast a spell.
  • Planar Barrier, to cross to the other Plane, you need to success at a Spellcraft DC 30 check in addition to cast a spell.
  • Planar Barrier, to cross to the other Plane, you need to success at a Spellcraft DC 45 check in addition to cast a spell.
  • Further increases of the Spellcraft DC by 15 per additional level.

  • For an DC increase of 15 the Plane can have an entrance point with a different accessability then the rest of the plane. (For example a portal)