Divine Information (gods and domains)

This chapter introduces some gods and their domains.
Note that gender doesn't mean as much to gods as it does to humans.
The gender mentioned is whatever most people think of the god in question



Granted Power:Has the spell like ability to cast Reduce Monster 1+Cha Modifier times a day
  1. Reduce Animal
  2. Reduce Person
  3. Bestow curse (only for a permanent shrink effect)
  4. Shrink item
  5. PlaneShift (only to plane of god and back)
  6. Reduce Monster
  7. Mass Reduce Person
  8. Mass reduce Monster
  9. Miracle



Lesser Deity
Divine Rank: 6
Symbol:Woman in a drawer
Home Plane:Elysium
Alignment:Neutral Good
Worshippers:People who like to be smaller or who like small people
Cleric Alignments:LG, NG, CG
Domains:Shrinking, Good, Healing
Favored Weapon:Longsword

Mindra is sponsor of several weak demigods of divine rank 1. All of those demigods are good, but some have a lawful or chaotic alignment. (And so allow clerics of LN or CN alignment to access the same domains. Tsukoyomi even allows Neutral characters to become clerics of the pantheon))
At least one of those demigods sponsors an order of paladins, who fight for the right of the small people.
Mindra and the demigods form a tight pantheon, which allows worshippers of each of them to use relics from all other gods of this pantheon.



Demi Deity
Divine Rank: 1
Symbol:Woman resting atop a crescent moon
Home Plane:Elysium
Alignment:Neutral Good
Portfolio:Time, Moon
Cleric Alignments:LG, NG, CG, N
Domains:Moon, Time, Water
Favored Weapon:Scythe

Tsukuyomi used to be a Intermediate god on a single sphere( and even there he was only worshipped on a few islands), but at some point the belief of the people started to shift, and his power was waning.
As he didn't want to join the ranks of the forgotten or even worse dead gods, he started to look for possibilities to spread his influence to other worlds.
Finally he found Mindras Pantheon and joined up, to spread his influence and restore it's power to his former glory.
Currently his divine power is vastly diminished, his only salient divine ability is that he can accept neutral clerics.
That he is joined up with a tight pantheon now, ensures that his clerics have still access to many domains and not just to the few that are still in his power.


Lesser Deity
Divine Rank: 6
Symbol:Woman tied to a pencil
Home Plane:Hades
Alignment:neutral Evil
Worshippers:People who want to shrink others
Cleric Alignments:LE, NE, CE
Domains: Shrinking, Evil, Strength
Favored Weapon: Whip

Vosew beliefs in personal power and that the strong should dominate the weak.
He likes to watch his victims suffer, so he only kills, when other victims are watching to fuel their fear.
If he does kill he prefers to make it as painful as possible.
His clerics tend to imitate that behaviour.

When his clerics make a sacrifice it will always be a shrunken person that slowly gets tortured to death.